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Self-Advocacy - Our Voice

Nothing about us, without us.

AKIM’s legal department is widely regarded for its unparalleled professionalism. Specializing in the fields of disability legislation and the rights of people with disabilities, our team combines legal experience and passion with community activism and compassion. They are shaping the world to meet the needs of all people and actively advocating for the realization of these rights.

Self Advocacy​

Nothing about us, without us.

AKIM has evolved from a parent’s organization to the peoples’ organization, establishing and operating local self-advocacy groups since 2012.  Participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities learn about their social and legal rights, gaining the skills necessary to express their needs and raise awareness in the community. Driven by the concept of nothing about us, without us, AKIM’s aim is to give a powerful voice to the individuals that need it most.

The Clinic

Part of AKIM’s legal advocacy mission is to inform and educate future generations of lawyers in Israel. Through our exclusive joint program with Reichman University, law students attend a theoretical class taught by AKIM’s legal team. With our training and guidance students respond to real life cases of individuals and families.

Students travel to AKIM community housing, engaging in private consultations with residents to provide tools for self-advocacy, and inform them of their comprehensive human and civic rights, such as their rights for privacy, dignity and ability to vote. The Clinic serves as an important inroad into the future of the legal community, allowing AKIM to educate and partner with Israel’s newest legal minds.

The Book of Rights

Information on rights of people with disabilities is spread across several authorities, ministries and organizations. AKIM’s legal department stays on the cutting edge of the evolving legal landscape, gathering all relevant information, and condensing it into a relatable and user-friendly Book of Rights. Published in both Hebrew and Arabic, this comprehensive book covers all rights and benefits available in Israel. The text is available online and is also distributed free of charge to families, welfare departments, and social workers – ensuring that all people have a clear understanding of their rights.

Legal Aid Representation

Our legal department provides individuals, families and legal guardians with free legal counsel and assistance. These private sessions include legal advice, preparation of legal documents, explanation and execution of documents and more. This invaluable service is provided free of charge regardless of economic status, faith, place of residence, gender or nationality. Over 500 families benefit from AKIM’s legal aid each year, because we believe that everyone has the right to inclusion.