Who We Are

AKIM'S Vision

An Israeli society offering maximum inclusion and opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities in all facets of life – housing, employment, education and recreation.

AKIM Israel is the Israeli national organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families, operating as a person-centered organization

Founded in 1951, AKIM Israel acts to realize the rights, promote a better quality of life, and improve the welfare of some 35,000 people with intellectual disabilities and approximately 140,000 family members and legal guardians. We operate in 65 branches and 88 municipalities nationwide, managed by parents and volunteers in the Jewish and Arab sectors.

Our Goals

Transforming Israeli society into a better place for people with intellectual disabilities.

To provide for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in all facets of society.

To promote the right to make autonomous decisions and the right to be heard.

To ensure that a person-centered approach is adopted among all state and government agencies.

To serve as a reliable source for advocacy and support for all people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

AKIM Israel strives for the “inclusion” of people with intellectual disabilities in their communities in all aspects of life

We offer legal advocacy through parental and self-advocacy leadership. In partnership with the Welfare Ministry and local authorities, we operate some 100 frameworks throughout the country. Our programs address community living issues, vocational programs, work in the free market, army service and national service, kindergartens and after-school activities, enrichment activities, recreational programs, summer camps, dental care services, and more.

AKIM’s Programs & Services

With your support, our programs and services act to directly enrich, influence and enhance the lives of Israelis with IDD and their families. We work at the national and local levels to bring our caring person-centered approach directly into communities across Israel.