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Community Living

AKIM Israel firmly believes that every person with an intellectual disability has a basic right to live within the community.

Community Unity

A part of the community, not apart from it

AKIM has moved mountains so that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can move from institutions into communities across Israel. Did you know that as recently as the 1970’s, adults with intellectual disabilities were not able to remain in their family homes and were housed in institutions – segregating them from their communities and loved ones?

A trailblazer for inclusion, AKIM is changing the landscape for housing and community living in Israel for individuals with IDD. We’re working to change societal norms, altering Israel’s approach to inclusive housing. In 1975, AKIM established Israel’s first group home in northern Tel Aviv, breathing life into our vision of opportunity, inclusion and belonging through community living. Individuals with IDD should be a part of their community – not apart from it.

From the north to the south, more than 550 adults and children with intellectual disabilities reside in AKIM’s apartments and group homes. With housing opportunities for children, adults, and the elderly, AKIM is increasing the number of independent living solutions in Israel.

We understand that staying within the community creates social connections and acceptance, and promotes personal independence and confidence for residents. AKIM operates 12 supportive group homes, 5 of which are dedicated to the elderly. Special emphasis is put on creating communal spaces where residents can gather together and socialize.

AKIM’s apartments are either purchased or rented, then renovated and adapted to the highest standards to meet the needs of its residents. Interior designers put the finishing touches to create beautiful living spaces that are also physically and cognitively accessible. AKIM’s apartments are more than just housing – they are home.

Free to See: Outings for Inclusion

By creating opportunities to get out, we create opportunities to be welcomed in

Access and enjoyment of our wonderful and diverse communities isn’t an opportunity easily available to all, but AKIM knows it should be and we’re doing something about it.

For adults with disabilities, confinement is often an unfortunate way of life. AKIM Israel recognizes the value of community unity and the importance of sociability for all through AKIM’s exclusive Free to See program. Although government funding for these types of outings remains low, the demand is high and AKIM is here to meet them with help from our generous donors.

With support from people like you, individuals with developmental and intellectual challenges now have the chance to get out and into their communities for activities, gaining exposure to different people, places and experiences. Participants in Free to See are included in a variety of leisure activities previously unavailable to them. Visits to local parks, shopping malls, cafes, museums, and other various cultural attractions are just some of the many activities included.

By creating opportunities for people with IDD to get out, we create opportunities for the community to welcome them in.

Help AKIM get every individual out and into the community with Free to See.

Your support brings out their joy, bringing us together.

Dental Care

Special Care for Special Smiles

Dental treatments for people with disabilities are often very complex and costly. To meet these special needs, AKIM Israel created a Dental Care system, providing more than 20,000 dental care treatments per year.

With 23 dental clinics spanning the nation, we strive to meet the needs of individuals across Israel’s landscape. Our dental team includes 25 dentists, 25 hygienists, and 50 dental assistants, all expertly trained to treat people with special needs.

AKIM’s clinics provide dental care and preventive therapies including routine check-ups in an effort to identify problems at an early stage. Many intellectually disabled patients struggle to articulate their medical needs or express pain. Our patients are examined and treated regularly in order to alleviate the need to communicate discomfort with others and receive proper dental treatments.

The staff’s professional experience and specialized equipment enable them to perform many treatments without the need for total anesthesia avoiding additional risks to the patient. When necessary, our team provides house calls, bringing dental care directly into AKIM’s community living or other working and recreational facilities. Treatments not only enable them to chew properly, speak, and function, but give them a beautiful smile to share with the world. As a result of AKIM’s dental program, our patients enjoy an improved quality of life, good health, and better acceptance amongst their peers.

Give the gift of dental care so every Israeli can speak with their smile.

Mentoring For Independent Living

From Isolation to Independence
The Mentoring for Independent Living program was established to transition young adults with disabilities from isolation to independence. Did you know that many young people with disabilities are unaware of the wide range of rights and services available to them? Shame, fear and neglect are some factors causing young adults to shy away from the world. Without access to the authorities responsible for providing them services to improve their lives they remain at home in isolation. Statistics estimate that a staggering 45% of the 60,000 young adults with disabilities living in Israel are disconnected from any social and communal ties. That’s nearly half of all young adults with disabilities – and that’s not ok with us.

AKIM doesn’t wait for people to find us, we work hard to find the people that need us most. Our professionally trained mentors, social workers and psychologists, locate and identify people lacking access to national and community services. Mentors provide guidance and support helping participants understand and identify their needs, empowering them to make use of existing platforms and services to support their right to meaningful and independent lives.

Help AKIM bring every person out into the community through love, support and mentorship. End Isolation. Support Inclusion.

AKIM’s Programs & Services

With your support, our programs and services act to directly enrich, influence and enhance the lives of Israelis with IDD and their families. We work at the national and local levels to bring our caring person-centered approach directly into communities across Israel.