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Employment Opportunities

AKIM Israel’s professional occupation department offers allocate and provide 4 levels of daily special programs and employment opportunities, as well as sequenced work transition programs, for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities , in Israel.

Daycare centers for adults

Besides using the Daycare centers for adults facilities to provide daily activities to adults (age 21 years and older) with severe cognitive disabilities, AKIM Israel has already allocated, recruited and trained a few thousands of people with minor intellectual and developmental disabilities to be employed in 3 more work frames.

Sheltered Workshop

AKIM Israel operates and supports Sheltered Workshops for those who are in need of a supportive and protective environment, by which to express their personal work skills and to be trained in a work transition program.

Sequenced work transition programs are being performed within the Sheltered Workshops – to train those individuals who are qualified to work – subject to successfully completing the transition programs – in the “Open Market”.

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Supported working groups

Employing intellectually and developmentally disabled persons  – in a protective site – within an industrial facility or business setting. Under proper support and close guidance, employees with minor intellectual and developmental disabilities are being “mainstreamed” into these businesses. They are part of “pay roll” staff, become an integral part of the business Human Resources and are able to demonstrate their productive abilities in a real business environment.


Employment in the “Open Market”

AKIM Israel does an ongoing effort allocating proper work places (jobs) in the “open market”, as well as training and escorting the disabled employees until they are completely “mainstreamed” within the new work place. These workers are placed with employers such as IKEA Israel (see pictures below), Visa, Discount Bank, Cellcom, Tempo, Sheraton Hotel, Fox, El Al, Toys Kfar Saba, and Piza Patza, just to name a few.

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Special Employment opportunities

Dental Clinics


AKIM Israel in collaboration with The Hebrew University, Hadassah School of Dental Medicine has initiated an innovative model of a Supported Employment Program, which offers a training program to educate people with minor intellectual and developmental disabilities and integrate them into the professional dental market. The program will train these individuals with the goal of their inclusion in the dental field, and provide them with an opportunity to earn a respectable living and develop independence. The participants will study work-related social skills, which are essential to enhance their independence and facilitate their full integration in society. This life changing program will be carried out by AKIM Israel’s professional occupation department in conjunction with the Dental Schools at Tel Aviv University and Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, Jerusalem.

What's New at AKIM

AKIM Israel together with the Histadrut – ”General Organization of Workers in the Land of Israel” (The “Union”) have recently joined forces to promote the integration of the intellectually and developmentally disabled persons in the labor market in Israel.
As part of AKIM Israel’s desire to reach a full inclusion and participation, including residential facilities, in the community, AKIM maintains and operates 33 community-based apartments, throughout Israel, housing 4-6 residents each; all apartments are located within residential areas. These apartments are targeted to those people who can live independently, with minor supervision.
AKIM Israel serves as guardian for more than 1,500 persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, regardless of their faith, ethnic background, age or sex
With the 2015 elections around the corner, AKIM Israel’s ”Election Booklet” offers information about candidates and policies, to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities ”on their way to the ballot box.”